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h3. Overview 

 This open source software allows the 'cracking' of A5/1 keys used to secure GSM 2G calls and SMS. 
 The cracking unitity Kraken, developed by Frank A. Stevenson, is written in C++/python and targets AMD (ATI) GPUs and CPUs.  

 h3. Mailing list 

 A public mailing list for announcements and discussion can be found "here": . 
 Please fill bugs and support requests through the "issue tracker": as they may be of little relevance to the majority of the mailing list subscribers. 

 h3. Code 

 The (read only) Kraken git can be fetched with  

 git clone git:// 

 h3. Related projects 

 The A5/1 decryption was originally meant to be used with "Airprobe":, which allows interfacing with the radio waves with 
 the help of gnuradio. "This tutorial": explains the decryption process. 

 Airprobe has, for most users, since been replaced by the cheaper "Osmocom phones": 

 h3. Further reading 

 [[A51|Cryptoanalysis n greater detail]]