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h1. Overview 

 A public mailing list for announcements and discussion can be found at 
 Bugs and support requests must be filed through the issue tracker, they are of little interest to the majority of the subscribers. 

 The kraken git is at git://, read only. 

 There are 2 independent programs, the first being Kraken and its associated utilities, developed by Frank A. Stevenson, which 
 targets AMD (ATI) GPUs and the CPU (written in C++/python). The (read only) kraken git is at git:// 
 The second is a device independent TMTO library, currently under development which targets ATI and NVIDIA GPUs and also the CPU (C++). 

 The A5/1 decryption is logistically a part of airprobe (, which allows interfacing with the radio waves with 
 the help of gnuradio.