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h1. GSMmap-live

This Live system includes all SRLabs GSM assessment tools.
It facilitates their use and automatically uploads logs to

h3. Requirements

* Computer capable of running 64bit Linux
* For each test: Requirements listed in the respective tool wiki pages

h3. Download

* "Live system image": image":

h3. Disclaimer

The tests include an active part. First, your phone will place outgoing calls to a dedicated number. This number will always be busy and never answer in order to rule out voice charges as best as we can.

Second, your phone will send SMS short messages via an invalid SMS-C to an invalid number.

During our tests (in Europe) we have not encounter any network that would charge for these transactions. However, we can not rule out that you may be charged in specific settings.

To control for involuntary charges, we strongly advise the use of a dedicated pre-paid SIM card for these tests.

h3. Instructions

# "Download": "Download":
# Unpack: <pre>gunzip gsmmap_beta1.2.img.gz</pre> gsmmap_beta1.img.gz</pre>
# Write to stick <pre>dd if=gsmmap_beta1.2.img if=gsmmap_beta1.img of=/dev/[USB-stick] [bs=1M]</pre>
# Boot from stick

h3. Mailing list

A public mailing list for discussions is "here":

Please file bugs and support requests through the "issue tracker": as they may be of little relevance to the majority of the mailing list subscribers.