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h2. SIMtester 

 The provided tools assess SIM card security in two dimensions: 

 * *Cryptanalytic attack surface.* Collect cryptographic signatures and encryptions of known plaintexts 

 * *Application attack surface.* Generate a list of all application identifiers (TAR) and find "unprotected" (MSL=0) applications 


 h3. Requirements 

 * Java 1.7 (code can be easily tweaked to compile under (TODO: Which Java 1.6 or even lower if needed) edition/version?) 
 * PC/SC reader (via pcsc daemon) –or– 
 * Osmocom phone (via libosmosim) 


 h3. Download 

 Pre-compiled .jar TODO 
 Source Code TODO 
 Live System TODO 

 h3. Instructions 

 # Download 
 # unpack 
 # run: TODO call 
 * TODO command line parameters 

 h3. Mailing list 

 A public mailing list for announcements and discussion can be found "here":