Your phone number has been banned from SnoopSnitch active tests. When performing an active network test in SnoopSnitch you receive a number of automatic calls from our call server. To avoid unnecessary costs on our side you must not pick up those calls. Each call will ring for approximately 15 seconds and hang up automatically. However, situations exist where the call is accepted without being picked up explicitly.

Reasons for getting blacklisted

  • You picked up an automatic call from our call server (+1 404-620-654x)
  • Your mailbox picked up the call from our server
  • You rejected an automatic call and your carrier played a 'subscriber not available' message or your mailbox picked it up
  • You have an automatic call-back service configured
  • Your have your phone configured to pick up calls automatically when the line is busy and call back later when you hung up
  • You have a bluetooth headset or hands-free kit that picks up your calls automatically

How to get unbanned

Please make sure to eliminate the cause of the blacklisting, e.g. by disabling your mailbox or call-back services when running active network tests. Then send an email to with the following information:

  • Your phone number (MSISDN) in international format, e.g. +140455512345
  • Your App ID (see the upper left corner in the Dashboard)
  • Optionally, your SnoopSnitch version, phone model and Android version (from the "About phone" menu in settings) for our Wiki

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